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Chapter 5: fear or love? - The Good Heart Project

I believe that there are two base emotions: fear and love.

Fear is the source of all negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Love is the source of all positive emotions, such as happiness, contentment, forgiveness, joy, hope, etc.

The war in Ukraine is a consequence of a multitude of negative emotions, all sourced from fear.

It is no different from the wars in the Middle East, nor from the wars that have filled our history books.

Why don’t we learn from history? Why don’t we learn from others?

Because we forget the immediate connection and causation between our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and their impact on our surrounding. I purposefully use the word “forget”.

Each and every single person on this planet is born as a perfect human being. This perfect human being is only made of love. Fear is learnt when living on this earth. And the extrapolated fear is what nurtures and breeds resentment, anxiety and the need to see the other human as “different”.

Fear is an emotion that requires for your mind to rationalize the source. Because it is so difficult to find it within, we define the source of our fear externally: whether it is a different skin color, a different race, a different religion, and so commonly also our neighbors.

Once we are in the spiral of resentment, we are blinded by our own fixation on what has created our fear. It is a conscious decision that we have taken to say, that x is what is the source of my unhappiness. X is the source of all my problems or all our problems. Based on that decision, we tell ourselves our own story to reconfirm our own decision. In this case x can be people from a different race, people from a different religion, people sharing our borders. But this decision is the one that will lead us and our circle of influence to destitution.

What do we need to do? Remind ourselves that all humans are same. Remind ourselves, that all humans want to love and want to be loved. Independent of our beliefs, our origin or our status, we have been given the ability to chose how we see the world: through glasses of fear or love.

We can chose whether we see the commonalities or differences between each other.

We know the brutality of war. Our combined love, strength and courage is the only way to get out of this vortex of fear.

This war needs to be a wake up call to what values you nurture in your house: love or fear.

Be honest: if there is hate speech and discrimination of any sort, know that fear has grown within you and ask yourself, what you are afraid of?

Remember that your thoughts, and your values impact your circle of influence.

In Putin’s case his circle of influence reaches not only his neighbors population, but the state of the world population.

Join me on this journey to let go of fear both within us and within others while embracing the connection to your own good heart.

Let's unleash the goodness in our hearts!

With love,


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