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Chapter 6: layer by layer - The Good Heart Project

How does it sometimes feel like, I have watched all movies on Netflix? The entire industry of entertainment has been casually called the industry of distraction. Without the intention of a negative connotation, the industry is filled with content with the intention to inspire the audience. Dependent on the perspective, interpretation and awareness of the viewer the industry might contribute to progress the viewer's journey, or distract from life.

Digital distractions have weaved their way into our lives, covering every aspect of it. I remember realizing that we work the entire day in front of the computer, only to take a break and focus our intention to our phone. So we move, from screen to screen.

So many articles around the "cost of digital distraction in industrial environments", "10 distractions that kill workplace productivity", "12 common workplace distractions and how you can stay focused anyway", "7 deadly distractions that can kill your business" cover social media or smartphones. So many facets of the "always-on" society have changed the way we need to think about being in the moment. It doesn't stop there, distractions vary from social media, the entertainment industry, but it can also range to whatever you intake to your body, from food to drugs to alcohol.

As it is with everything, a balance of everything is key. What happens often though, is that the overuse of distractions can lean toward addiction. Instead of 15 minutes on the phone, we might spend hours running scrolling from one reel to the next.

I always thought, that these kind of distractions turning into additions are due to us wanting to fill a void that we feel within. I thought that we feel empty, and want to stuff it with something for us to feel something. Whatever emotion it is that the content we view is triggering us. This was until I realized, that it's the opposite: the truth is that we are whole already. And the only reason why we fall into spirals of distraction, is because we are scared.

We are scared to see our own wholeness, see our true selves.

Robert Musil, an Austrian philosophical writer said: "Layer by layer art strips life bare." Art is a form of creativity, and creativity is what comes from our soul, from the brahman, from the source of us humans on this earth.

I always wondered, why it is that we didn't want to meet our own selves, why don't we all strive for our own enlightenment? Of course, you can argue, that some might not know about it - yes, knowing that that is something to pursue is a form of highest privilege. And for those that do know - it's about fear. We are scared of stripping the onion and facing the true core.

Just yesterday I spoke about Ikigai, a concept created by the Japanese, that determines your true passion, which evolves around what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs. Most of the times, we sway around covering maximum two of above listed criteria. When we are not aligned with our passion, or our Ikigai, we will always feel like we are missing something. When all layers are let go off, that's when we find our Ikigai. And that's the state when we serve our surrounding to the maximum. The perfect balance of our own happiness, and the fulfillment considering our value and impact towards the world.

Again, "Layer by layer art strips life bare." And the bare life is where we experience our Ikigai. If we strive for pure bliss and value to the world, let go of your layers. That's all we need to do.

If you think about it, babies don't have any layers at all, they are the full figure of creativity. So, why are we adults like huge onions? How have we managed to cover our hearts with layer after layer after layer?

In order to understand how to let go of all our layers, we need to go deep, and understand how these layers are created in the first place. I want to use one example from my own life.

Around a year ago, I made a new circle of friends. I started having feelings for one guy in the group. After much struggle from my side, I decided to tell him. Unfortunately or fortunately, he told me that he didn't feel the same way. Of course, I was crushed. After a week of crying, it told myself that I will never tell someone, that I like them. Never again. It makes sense, because I want to protect my heart from getting hurt again, right?

And here we go, Ushma created another layer on her heart. And so it happens, layer after layer, we lose the connection to our instincts and our intuition, because we are scared to get hurt again.

All is not lost, of course :)

We have opportunities to disconnect, or rather: create your own opportunities to disconnect. In moments of being disconnected: open your hearts, and listen to the universe telling you which layer to let go and you will be guided as to what to do. Don't be scared, I know that there are great things within you. (I need to listen to these words, too). It's as easy as the "frozen" movie says about, letting it go. That's all we need to do.

Remember that your thoughts, and your values impact your circle of influence. Shed your layers, layer by layer and see your magic unfold.

Join me on this journey to let go of fear both within us and within others while embracing the connection to your own good heart.

Let's unleash the goodness in our hearts!

With love,


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