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envisioning a future of health and wealth for everyone

rypple commits to transforming health systems to one where sustainable behaviours are financially incentivised.

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rypple's raison d'être: tug of war toward disease

these are two key consequences of a disease oriented system

765 bn usd

spent on unnecessary tests and procedures in US (25% of total annual health spend in US)

health system incentives oppose patient's health (fee for service) and lead to overtreatment

55 mio people

impoverished each year due to expenses for ill health in india

current health systems magnify the vicious cycle between poverty and ill health

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rypple foundation commits to transforming systems, where sustainable behaviors are financially incentivised benefitting humankind and planet

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current health systems incentives oppose patient's health and lead to overtreatment


current health systems magnify vicious cycle between immiseration and ill health


future health system incentives PROMOTE patient's health and lead to healing


future health systems magnify POSITIVE cycle between health and wealth

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Health Shake

envisioning a future where everyone is healthy and wealthy

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from sick care to real health care: creating a new win win health system, where businesses and health system stakeholders make money while patients are healthy

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health is wealth
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