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Envisioning a world where everyone thrives through proactive health promotion

Rypple's mission is to make staying health easier by creating an environment that incentivises health promotion

Healthcare is Broken

The inherent incentives do not lead to the best care


Can account for up to 30% of health care costs across nations*


>10% of hospital expenditure goes to correcting preventable medical mistakes (OECD)**

Limited access 
due to cost

Half the world lacks access to essential health services***

Financial distress due to healthcare

100 million  globally pushed into extreme poverty due to health expenses***

It takes a village: We foster collaboration across the ecosystem



Health and Industry Leaders

Our unique approach: through policy work we shift investments toward health promotion

For the world
Super Health Food

Envisioning a future where everyone is healthy

From Sickcare to real Healthcare: creating a new win-win health system, where entities make money while patients are healthy

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health is wealth
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Thank you for donating and helping us fund the Rypple Foundation's pilot project. You are helping us shift investments from disease-focused services to health-promoting initiatives. Your support is creating a healthier future! Thank you!


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