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Chapter 3: Goals - The Good Heart Project

What is it that you want to do in life? People who give a short shrug in response to this question, find themselves judged by society. Ambition is appreciated and knowing what you want is considered a success; while not knowing is frowned upon, judged and even considered a failure. Both are neither bad nor good. As an ambitious girl myself, my goals have swayed from becoming a prime minister of India to attaining spiritual fulfillment by becoming a monk. Both of them only within the past year. Goals are ambitions you wish to achieve in the future. Goals are there to guide you in what decisions you need to make now. Depending on your long-term objectives, you might sway on what job to take or not to take today, on who to take as a life partner or not today. This pressure in decision-making can be tremendously stressful on every human being. There is an under layered fear, that the decision we take today will not be the right one, considering the goals we want to reach. Having or not having goals is overrated. It's ok to have them - and it's ok not to have them. Whatever helps you keep you motivated, keep you grounded and keep you peaceful, you need to do what you need to do. How can I believe this? I was taught that life is like a GPS system (or SatNav for the British among you). The GPS tells you where to go as a next step, it won't tell you the next five steps. It won't tell you the goal. It will only speak the next step. And what happens if you go left, while the GPS told you to go right? It will reroute, and take you back on your path. For the past year, I have been living by this philosophy of the GPS system. Basically the GPS system is your medicine for any anxiety. Just the change in perspective, this simple realization of how the universe works, can initiate tremendous change. With the GPS system, you can relax, because you know that you cannot take a wrong turn. The GPS communicates to you through your heart. The only task you have, is to nurture your environment to one, where you have a good network connection. Good network connection to your good heart. You just need to make sure you can listen to your heart. Once your mind is so clouded with thoughts, anxious thoughts, fearful thoughts, your GPS won't have a good connection to your heart. I was also taught, that you actually never need to take any decision. This one is mind-blowing, and you might need to read the first sentence of this paragraph again. But really: You never need to take any decision. (I can hear you take a huge sigh of relief ;) ) But really, all decisions will be made for you (just as your goals will be revealed to you). This is not a request to not do anything and lie on the sofa all day. This way of thinking will allow you to listen to your heart in every moment. Your heart is pure, it's good, it's guiding you on your path with only your best interest in mind. Trust you heart, and you will see, that there is no need for a pro and contra list. If you have two options - one will feel right, one won't feel right. Most times our mind with its anxious thoughts cloud our connection to our heart. How do I know what I need to do to keep my mind free and my connection to my heart strong? Do what you love. It can be mundane tasks like washing dishes (for me) or dancing (for me, too) - whatever it is that makes you happy in the moment. Just think of the last time you had an idea. Was it in the shower? Was it in the bathroom? Was it while washing dishes? Was it while exercising? Whatever it was - do more of that, and you will receive the inspiration and your intuition will guide you. Trust your heart. It has your best interest at heart <3 Join me on this journey to let go of all the clouds (thoughts) in your mind and embrace the connection to your own good heart. Let's unleash the goodness in our hearts! With love, Ushma

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