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Chapter 1: The Beginning - The Good Heart Project

After explaining the mission of Positive Parivartan to a friend of my sister, I asked her directly: "What would you do, if you were holding the most powerful position in the world." She answered with such simplicity, that I just couldn't forget it: "I would just bring a bit more humanity to all this." You should know, we were speaking of climate change, gender inequality and systemic racism. I was proposing incentive changes, therapy for leaders and education, and she was proposing humanity. I fell completely silent, because she was right. I just finished reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and felt inspired to start my own project and centralize it around the mission of Positive Parivartan. For Positive Parivartan we envision goodhearted and enlightened leadership for a sustainable world. The mission I set was to inspire goodhearted decision-making for future leaders across the public and private sector. With this mission in mind, I decided to ignite my Good Heart Project. Let me first explain what I mean with Good Hearts: When babies are born, they are full of love, happiness, compassion and joy. We call them "blessing" or "bundle of joy", when they are born. If all humans are born as Godsend's, why is it, that we have so much dysfunction in our society?

With time passing, people experience rejection, judgement, abandonment or any other type of pain. When humans are not able to process the pain, they transfer this pain to other people around them, which causes the dysfunction in society. At the same time they build walls around their beautiful hearts, to protect themselves from further disappointments or pain. If you imagine, your heart being full of light when you are born, please imagine, that negative experiences diminish this light step by step. With the diminishing light, we not only lose our happiness, we also lose our sense of purpose. All the magic is inside our hearts. And unhealed wounds cover our hearts with walls intended to protect us, but in the end destroys us more than more pain would. What do we do now? Just how they say: "Doctors are there to distract patients, so that patients' bodies can heal themselves", the same way, there is a natural way of healing for our hearts as well. We just need to understand it and allow it. Our emotions are like feelers of our heart. They help us navigate to understand the light of our hearts, and guides us how to let go of those walls. And these feelers will show us what our hearts long for, and clear the path to receive it. And in case you were worrying: these feelers can reach through the thickest walls. And the reward? So much happiness, bliss and peace - and most of all: the light in our hearts will show us our purpose. And this purpose will be one, that will bring the maximum benefit to society. So much money and time is invested in searching for happiness outside ourselves, when the universe has constructed us in such a magnificent way, that we can find all answers and everything we are looking for inside ourselves. And don't get me wrong - I need the same. I have moments of happiness, moments when the light shines through, but I have still a lot to let go off, to transform the flickering light from my heart to a more constant shine. Through this Good Heart Project I am planning to keep myself accountable, too. Join me on this journey to let go of these walls, let go of the pain we harbor, and embrace the light shining from our good hearts. Let's unleash the goodness in our hearts! With love, Ushma

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