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Join the Innovation in Salutogenesis Alliance (ISA)

Introducing the Innovation in Salutogenesis Alliance (ISA), launched by Rypple to unite organisations dedicated to advancing preventive care and wellness solutions. ISA promotes collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective impact to transform healthcare incentives towards proactive health outcomes.

Join ISA to:

  • Network: Connect with peers and experts in health innovation.

  • Collaborate: Engage in joint projects reshaping healthcare incentives for preventive care.

  • Visibility: Showcase your commitment to global wellness and preventive healthcare.

Join ISA today!

Image by Pat Whelen

Calling all Salutogenic Businesses!

Join Rypple for growth and collaboration. Benefit from connections with startups, monthly innovation presentations, and access to new markets.

Calling all Salutogenic Startups!

Join Rypple's vibrant network for industry connections, funding support, mentoring, and global market access.

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