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Calling all Salutogenic Businesses!

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Calling all Salutogenic Startups!

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Looking for Health Economists

Policy Entrepreneurship:

At the foundation of incentivizing salutogenic behavior lies Aaron Antonovsky’s ease/dis-ease continuum. The initial stride involves visualizing the financial dynamics leaning towards ease and those steering towards disease, using Antonovsky's framework as a guide. Essentially, this entails a meticulous calculation to discern who is benefiting financially and to what extent on the ease side versus the disease side. Once this financial landscape is illuminated, the subsequent step involves modeling the long-term impact of specific policies on health outcomes. This approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the economic forces at play and aids in formulating strategies that promote sustainable health and well-being.

Salutogenic Incubator Network:

To establish an incubator network successfully, we aim to forge connections within a spectrum of businesses, encompassing both established enterprises and startups aligned with the "ease" side of the ease/dis-ease continuum. Understanding the unique needs of these businesses is paramount, enabling us to pinpoint gaps where the foundation can strategically contribute to the establishment and fortification of such a network. This approach ensures a nuanced comprehension of the entrepreneurial landscape, facilitating targeted and impactful support for businesses fostering salutogenic practices.

If this work sounds interesting to you, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me some information about yourself and your experience. 

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